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Lindsey Laney

Mrs. Lindsey began her work with gymnastics and dance a very young age. By the age of 10 she was competing in gymnastics and taking classes in many different styles of dance. She was involved in Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Salsa and Tap and performed all genres at the Lancaster Performing Arts Center. Mrs. Lindsey was a cheerleader at Lancaster High School and also a member of their dance team. While studying at Cal State Northridge, she danced on the college’s dance team as well. There she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies & another in Anthropology. As the years went on, Mrs. Lindsey has taken her passion for the Arts and is devoted to instructing children at a base level to encourage a strong foundation in the Arts.  Mrs. Lindsey is highly motivated to get children active and excited about dance and gymnastics at a young age. She has been with the company since 2004.

Isabel Soto

Ms. Isabel is a University of North Texas graduate. There she received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Dance. While in Texas, Ms. Isabel was a Dallas Cowboys Rhythm & Blue Dancer for 2 seasons. She has gone on and has taken the Debbie Allen Summer Intensives in Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Tap, Flamenco and Hip-Hop. She has performed in many stage/live performances. Ms. Isabel worked as a dance instructor and educated middle-school-age children on coordination skills through the art of dance. She focused on teaching the meaning of teamwork with a primary focus on assets such as self-confidence, motivation, dedication, and most important her, self-perseverance. Ms. Isabel also works with the children at her church and has been instructing the students in our program with grace and character.

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