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What happens in our classes?

Leap4Fun is a mobile program that offers dance, yoga, and gymnastics in preschools and elementary schools in the Las Vegas/Henderson area. The children will laugh, giggle and most importantly learn about dance, karate and gymnastics in a safe, positive, and fun atmosphere.  For a more in-depth description of the class and what your child will be taught, we suggest you go to the program page you're considering for your child. Learn about our programs here.

What's our secret?

Our instructors have been handpicked for their professional qualities. All of our instructors have completed an extensive certification training course, thoroughly covering Leap4Fun curriculum, methodology, fun instructional techniques and of course, safety. Special age-appropriate dance props are used by the instructors and rotated on a weekly basis to elevate the children’s excitement and skill levels.

What will my child learn?

Depending on the particular class, your child will learn traditional dance instruction or karate instruction, as well as new, fun techniques, creative movement, and balancing skills. Valuable personal development lessons have been built into our Leap4Fun program. we also reinforce many family values. Such topics include respect for oneself and others, good manners and following directions. Classes are taught in a loving and nurturing environment, where children will also learn the joys of self-expression, rhythm, creative movement and more.

Will my child participate in a medal presentation ceremony or annual recital where the parents will be able to watch?

Yes, your child will step into the spotlight and participate in our annual Medal Presentation Ceremony or Dance recital where your child is guaranteed to receive a gold medal. We also invite you and your family to attend this fun and exciting event which enables your child to demonstrate his/her skills on an individual level in a non-competitive and fun atmosphere.


Are family members allowed to watch the class?

Yes, we welcome your attendance at any time. To avoid distracting the students, we ask that you enter the designated classroom before the class begins and leave when the class is completed.


What should my child wear?

No special attire is required. We do recommend that your child dress in active play clothes, or anything your child can move freely in. Your child may wear a dance leotard and/or ballet shoes. However, these are not necessary. (If you would like to have your child change clothes before class, please speak with your child’s classroom teacher for assistance with dressing.)


When is monthly tuition due, and what are the conditions associated with it?

Monthly tuition is due and payable on the 1st day of each month. No refunds will be given for absences on the part of the student. However, credit can be given for vacations of two weeks or more if written notice is sent to our office in advance. A $5.00 late fee will be assessed monthly for any payments received after the 10th. If your child is enrolled mid-month, your account will be prorated accordingly. No proration or makeup classes will be given for classes that fall on school holidays. Tuition is based on 4 classes per month. We do not charge extra for months that contain 5 classes (these extra classes that are given balance out against school holidays).


What is your withdrawal policy?

Leap4Fun is a continuous program. If you decide to withdraw your child, written notification or email must be sent to our office two weeks prior to the last class your child attends, or you will be charged for the classes your child is registered for. We will continue billing every month and guarantee to reserve your child’s place in class until we are notified in writing by you.

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