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Your child will step into the spotlight and shine at Leap4Fun's exciting

Dance/Gym and Cheer/Gymnastics Recitals, and/or Karate/Gymnastics  Exhibitions

on a theater stage. 

We praise every child for their individual accomplishments

by awarding them with a gold medal after their performance!

This years Dance/Cheer/Gymnastics Recitals will be "Disney Fantasy"

and our Karate/Gym Exhibitions will be "Mini Olympics."


Our recitals and exhibitions are unique as approximately 25-30 performers are invited to each show. Our dancers and cheerleaders will participate in 4 choreographed dances, along with gymnastics highlights. Our karate students will participate in an hour long demonstration of karate and gymnastics highlights. 


Leap4Fun provides all costumes and karate uniforms.

You, your family and friends are invited to attend this fun and memorable event which enables each child to demonstrate their skills on an individual level in a non-competitive and fun atmosphere. 


There will be a $68 fee for each child who participates. This fee will automatically be processed on April 1st. This covers all costs. Including; costume rental and uniform rentals, props, awards, seating and more (No physical tickets are provided).

If your child is unable to attend please let us know and we will adjust your account.

There will be a  $68 fee which includes all costs; costume/uniform rentals, props, awards, etc..

No special attire is required, all costumes, uniforms, and ballet/gym shoes will be waiting at the venue for your child when you arrive 15-20 minutes before performance time.

Your child's performance will last approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.


No Special attire is required. All costumes/shoes/uniforms will be waiting at the venue for your child/children when you arrive 15-20 minutes before performance time. Each show will last approximately 1 hour.


If your child has long hair we recommend pulling the hair away from their face so we can see their beautiful smiles! We suggest no buns that rest on the back of the head, as this helps with the gymnastics portion of the show.

We look forward to seeing everyone there!

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