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Dance • Gymnastics • Yoga • Tennis 

Classes In Your Child’s Preschool/Elementary School

Leap4Fun is a program uniquely designed to stimulate a level of creativity, self-confidence, self-esteem, and physical development in each child. Praise and reward are given generously throughout your child’s learning experience with us. Our classes are fun, challenging and developmentally correct. Experience has proven that classes conducted in a fun environment enhance a child’s learning ability.

What happens in our classes?

Leap4Fun is a mobile program that offers dance, karate, gymnastics, cheer and yoga in preschools and elementary schools in the Las Vegas/Henderson area. The children will laugh, giggle and most importantly learn in a safe, positive and fun atmosphere.  For a more in-depth description of the class and what your child will be taught, we suggest you go to the program page you're considering for your child. 

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What's our secret?

Our instructors have been handpicked for their professional qualities. All of our instructors have completed an extensive certification training course, thoroughly covering Leap4Fun curriculum, methodology, fun instructional techniques and of course, safety. Special age-appropriate dance props are used by the instructors and rotated on a weekly basis to elevate the children’s excitement and skill levels.

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Class Information

Frequently Asked Questions

What Clients Say

"Our son has been in the karate and gymnastics class for the past year of 3 year old preschool and has absolutely loved it.  The teachers are great with him and have worked hard to get him to learn and participate.  We went to the Leap4Fun Olympics which was great, all the children showed off all the skills they learned and were given a gold medal at the end, our son is so proud of his medal and the stripes he has on his Karate belt, for a shy and sensitive little guy, his self-esteem got a great boost!  Would recommend this program to any parents!"

- Lance M.

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