Dance Program

What will my child learn in dance?

Your child will be taught traditional ballet, soft tap, jazz, creative movement, and balancing skills. Valuable personal development lessons have been built into our Leap4Fun program. We also reinforce many family values. Such topics include: respect for oneself and others, good manners and following directions when asked the first time. Classes are taught in a loving and nurturing environment, children will also learn the joys of self-expression, body control, and more.

What’s our secret?

Our instructors have been handpicked for their professional qualities. All of our instructors have completed an extensive certification training course, thoroughly covering Leap4Fun’s curriculum, methodology, fun instructional techniques, and of course safety. Special age appropriate dance props are used by the instructors and rotated on a weekly basis to elevate the children’s excitement and skill levels.

What should my child wear?

We ask that your child dress in active play clothes, gym clothes, dance leotards, or anything your child can move freely in. Your child may wear ballet shoes or gym shoes. However, these are not necessary.

How does dance benefit my child?

The self confidence that is gained in dance class is one that can also be used in the school classroom and into adulthood. The child can take these skills and apply them to their everyday life to gain confidence and build self-esteem.

When a child enrolls in dance classes they are going to learn many physical skills. Their balance and coordination will see improvement. There will be a difference in their hand eye coordination. Dance is the perfect time to take the skills that the child has learned and use it to become more graceful and poised. The skills learned will not only help in dance but in other physical activities as well.

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